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Where We Came From

Beginning in 1988, FNA GROUP began distributing European-made pressure washer pumps in North America. FNA continually collaborates with our retail customers and partners to make the best pressure washer products available. This collaboration led us to launch our first OEM electric pressure washer – for the U.S. market.

FNA GROUP acquired SIMPSON® CLEANING SYSTEMS as well as Delco® CLEANING SYSTEMS in 2006. For nearly fifty years, SIMPSON has served cleaning professionals with the highest quality, professional-grade pressure washers. SIMPSON pressure washers are widely recognized in the property management, paint and rental distribution industries. While Delco® is a leader in the commercial hot water pressure washer industry. Delco® manufactures a broad range of hot water cleaning machines and cold water cleaning machines to meet the demands of various industries.

In 2009, FNA GROUP began manufacturing state-of-the-art pressure washers in Decatur, Arkansas. It is a 228,000 square foot facility and houses the production lines for both SIMPSON® gas-powered, cold water pressure washers and Delco® gas-powered, hot water pressure washers.

Not long after, FNA acquired Benson Enterprises renaming it OEM Trailer Systems. Benson Enterprises was a manufacturer and distributor of cold and hot water mobile power washer systems in Knoxville, TN. They soon developed mobile power washing systems for vertical markets such as oil, gas, construction and mining.

In May of 2015, FNA GROUP dedicated their new Pleasant Prairie facility their corporate offices which also houses R&D, Engineering and hose manufacturing. FNA GROUP continues to maintain a sales and marketing presence in Elk Grove Village, Illinois. Today, FNA Group is a global pressure washer manufacturer with a presence in the United States, China, Italy and Australia.


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