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What We Do

FNA GROUP is a leading manufacturer of electric and gas pressure washers under the SIMPSON®, Delco® and POWERWASHER® brands. We are an innovator of triplex pumps under the AAA™ brand.

FNA GROUP continues to innovate and manufacture some of the best power equipment pumps available under the AAA™ brand name. FNA GROUP is the parent company of OEM Industries®. This subsidiary of FNA GROUP designs, engineers, manufactures and manages an extensive line of thermoplastic hoses along with pressure washer accessories. FNA Group produces a variety of tools and accessories available for private label partners.

Functional Innovation: All About The Cleaning Experience

We believe every cleaning task should be an experience performed as quickly and efficiently as possible. From our perspective, it does not make sense to spend valuable time scrubbing the same surface continuously. At FNA GROUP, we are dedicated to creating the best and most efficient cleaning experience available through functional innovation.

Functional innovation is based on the deliverables that are accountable in satisfaction of delivering results in a timely, reliable and efficient cleaning method. We asked our customers what they wanted; and we listened. Much of our time is dedicated in our research and development phase to design the best machines and accessories imaginable. Our brands are all about the cleaning experience. We engineer products that get the job done the first time, every time.

A few of our functional innovations include:

  • Non-marring hoses that will not stain decks, floors, driveways or parking lots

  • POWERBOOST Technology maintains pressure at 14% higher pressure while delivering more water flow than competitive brands.

  • Dial-N-Wash allows the user to adjust the pressure and flow configuration at the spray lance automatically to wash different surfaces and sub straights’ without having to return to the machine or change the spray wands

Whether you are a consumer buying your first pressure washer or an experienced user looking for the features the pros use every day, we strive to deliver functional innovation with every product we design.


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