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Where We Are

FNA GROUP offers axial and triplex pumps for use on consumer and contractor pressure washers. Our products are sold through retailers, distributors and dealers. You can also find FNA GROUP manufactured products online. Many of the products we engineer and manufacture are sold through big box retailers, ranch and hardware stores as private label products – a non FNA GROUP brand name (held by another manufacturer or retailer) under contract.

FNA GROUP successfully differentiates itself when it creates positive price-to-value power equipment offers through product enhancements features, customization of the physical design, and by accommodating the requests of our retail or manufacturing partners. FNA Group employs a process we call functional innovation. This collaborative process helps us create a positive and significant impact on our customers’ projects.

We believe we succeed when we maintain our innovative stance in the industry. This is accomplished by partnering with our customers on generating solutions that feature functional innovations. We like to define that as innovation that works well – and innovation that end-users demand.


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