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This pressure washer shall only be used with a dedicated receptacle/plug rated 120vAC, 60 Hz at 15 -or- 20 amperes. Any other appliances on the circuit should be turned off or unplugged when using the pressure washer.  Never use the pressure washer with an adapter that may lead to higher voltage or excessive current. Excessive current may trip circuit breaker. Consult a qualified electrician if unsure of the desired power supply receptacle’s ability to safely power this pressure washer.

IT IS NOT RECOMMENDED TO USE AN EXTENSION CORD. If, however, an extension cord is required, it must be an OUTDOOR RATED 3-PRONG CORD, that is no longer than 50 feet (15M) and has a minimum of 14 AWG (2.5mm2) conductors. Always uncoil the extension cord when in use. DO NOT use an extension cord that has its ground pin damaged or missing.

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