OEM Industries Commits to Providing World-Class Products That Meet or Exceed Our Customers’ Expectations

OEM Industries® division is a wholly owned subsidiary of FNA Group and provides replacement parts to existing pressure washer brands. We adopted the name OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), because for our private label customers it clearly explains the role we would play in their businesses.

Pressure washer components branded OEM Solutions can be found on millions of gas and electric pressure washers built and sold in North America since 1996. As an OEM components supplier, the division has been recognized as the first quality partner known for on-time delivery, great value and high quality pumps, hoses, sprayers (nozzles, wands and guns), soaps and detergents, and accessories.

OEM Industries is committed to provide world class products that meet or exceed our customers’ expectations. Our improved processes are constantly monitored to ensure the satisfaction of our customers, suppliers and employees.

OEM PUMP SOLUTIONS is the current name of a relationship between international pump designers, engineers and American sales ingenuity that dates back 30 years. FNA Group designs and engineers have consistently created and manufactured state-of-the-industry pumps for homeowners and professionals that want high value pressure washers. We strive to innovate pumps for every application and all our pumps are manufactured to vertically integrate with the engines and hoses they support. Our finest pumps are marketed under the AAA Pumps brand name.


OEM HOSE SOLUTIONS is the dominant manufacturer of thermoplastic hose in the United States, and a reseller of many other types of hoses. OEM sells hose to many pressure washer manufacturers as well as aftermarket pressure washer supply companies. These hoses are frequently sold through the same retailers that offer our branded pressure washers and private label pressure washers to the consumer market.

FNA Group has designed, engineered and won several patents for thermoplastic hose technology and the facility in Wisconsin features the latest manufacturing techniques designed to save time and money – assuring customers the best value for their investment in pressure washer hoses.



OEM SPRAY SOLUTIONS works hard to provide innovation that customers want, and reduce waste and maintenance time in the manufacture of spray nozzles, wands and accessories. These products are sold as branded and private label accessories at retailers, distributors, dealers, pressure washer e-commerce websites, and aftermarket pressure washer product supply companies.

OEM TRAILER SYSTEMS is committed to supply world-class trailer platforms to customers that need to transport large pressure washer machines. Although the division was designed to manage the transportation for large pressure washer systems; OEM Trailer systems builds quality single axle, powder-coated steel trailers for every consumer and professional purpose. For example, the 13-foot model shown is rated to 3,500 lbs.

All OEM Industries’ Solutions set themselves apart from competition by providing exceptional customer service to partners, customers and suppliers.

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